Create a Timeline

I’m finding it very useful to assemble the dates and information that I have into a timeline. Then I can see what I have and where there are gaps. You can make one just on the Civil War years or include those with the complete timeline of your ancestor’s life.

Here’s my example, a timeline for the life of Abraham Bates Tower.

I used Squidoo to create my timeline, but you can put it online with a blog or your own website. Be sure to back it up regularly in case anything happens to the site.

Saving your genealogy research

Saving your genealogy research

Another Angle to Search

I subscribe to the Genealogy Tip of the Day and yesterday’s was a great one for anyone searching for their Civil War ancestor. The valuable tip advised searching for the commanding officer’s name.

The thinking is that any newspaper articles or web pages may profile or include this person and yield details relating to the company that your ancestor was in. Usually the commanding officer was someone of importance in the community.

I’d already tried this avenue of research for my great-great grandfather. It did turn up some helpful information for me. The regimental history gave me the name of Jerome Spilman who was the captain.

By searching his name, I found quite a few tidbits to add to my background information on Company G and its movements. This helps me understand my ancestor’s experience during the war.

I wrote about my findings on this page: Officers of Company G, 97th Indiana Infantry.

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