Sorting Out Your Research on a Civil War Ancestor

I’ve been reading widely on the Civil War, attempting to fill in the gaps about my ancestor’s experience during those harrowing times. To keep track of what I find and to share it with others, I’m curating the information and resources on small web pages on Squidoo. The site is free to use.

So far I’ve made 36 Squidoo lenses (their term for web pages) about Abraham Bates Tower and various aspects of the War Between the States. My topics range from What Was in a Civil War Soldier’s Backpack to A Civil War Christmas. I’ll share my links here in case you are needing any of these topics.

Civil War Topics by Virginia Allain

Civil War Topics by Virginia Allain


Feel Lucky if You Have Photos of Your Civil War Ancestor

Because my ancestor lived into his 90s, there are a few photos of him. I feel quite lucky that we have those in the family. Many have to rely on a simple description of hair and eye color from their ancestor’s military records.

Abraham Bates Tower died in 1930. In his old age, he spent time with various children so I need to contact the grandchildren or great-grandchildren to see if any more photos are lurking in shoeboxes or family albums.

In going through my mother’s assortment of photos this past week, I turned up two more pictures of great-grandfather, Abraham. I’ll share one of those here. I knew of 6 photos before and now find there are eight. I’m sure there are more and will keep searching and contacting distant cousins.

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