Is There Another Diary?

Recently I had an email from a great-uncle. I’d told him about my research on my civil war ancestor. He asked if I knew about the diary from Andersonville. My heart skipped a beat…

I have a very worn pocket diary that belonged to Abraham Bates Tower, but it starts at the time of his mustering out. In it, he recorded the names of the men in his company and later added family births, marriages and deaths. I’d always wondered if there were earlier diaries. I assumed that if there was one that it was lost as he became desperately ill in that horrible stockade.

Now I had a clue and was ecstatic at the idea that such a diary might exist. The email gave a name of a lady in Oklahoma and said he would try to find her contact information for me. Impatient for that, I started casting about on the Internet. The lady proved elusive. I’m still working on it.

Pipe Smoking Detective Postcard
Pipe Smoking Detective Postcard by itsmyjob
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