Organizing My Research Finds

I recently joined a group called The Organized Genealogist. Seeing what the other researchers are doing inspires me to organize my findings. I’m notorious for piles of papers and need to learn to “file, not pile.”

So… I’ve made file folders with categories like early life, 93rd Indiana, Andersonville, Civil War background information, Tyro, old age.  Since I’m also researching the 100 men that were in Company G with my great-great grandfather, I need a folder just for them. Also I need a folder for his descendants as I find details about the lives of his children and grandchildren.


The Search Is On for My Civil War Ancestor

For the past year, I’ve been hunting down clues leading me to my Civil War ancestor, Abraham Bates Tower. He grew up in southern Indiana and enlisted in the 93rd Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Company G.

My ultimate goal is to find out as much as I can about his life and turn it into a book for my family to enjoy. Will it interest others, such as Civil War buffs or local history searchers? Only time will tell if what I find will have a broader interest.

I have several advantages in taking on this project. I’m a retired librarian which means I have the skills and time to research this. My second advantage is the dedicated genealogy groundwork laid by my mother, Gail Lee Martin.