Ask Your Family First

Through stories passed down through generations, you get leads to Civil War veterans that you might miss otherwise. Sometimes the stories get embroidered or a bit garbled over the years, but at least it gives you a starting place.

I found in my mother’s papers, the Civil War records for Elias Babcock. It says he was in Company E of the 107 Illinois Volunteer Regiment. He was mustered in as a private on September 5, 1862. Later he transferred to Battery K of an artillery unit. According to his muster roll it was the 1st Regiment Illinois Light Artillery.

It shows him in the hospital from June 30 through December 1864, first in Knoxville and later in Louisville, KY.

I need to look through my family tree and figure out how he fits in there and why she had his records. I’m guessing the Ezra B. Babcock, who gave his sworn account after Elias’ death, is the actual ancestor.

After the war, Elias and his wife Keziah moved to Wilson County, Kansas in 1865.

Moving the Artillery Forward Print
Moving the Artillery Forward Print by AlanCrosthwaite


4 thoughts on “Ask Your Family First

  1. heytoto says:

    Ezra and Nancy Wright Babcock were Nancy Jane Babcock Ashlock Vining’s parents. Nancy Vining was married to Henry F. Vining. Nancy and Henry are the parents of our grandmother Ruth Vining McGhee. We have a studio portrait on MyFamily of Elias, Carl and Ida Babcock.


    • Virginia Allain says:

      You’re faster than, Sis. Thanks for the details.


      • heytoto says:

        I used a combination of my family tree on and our MyFamily site. I’ve been amazed at how much raw info we have stored in comments on MyFamily. I’m trying to transfer the information to as I come across it.


  2. Virginia Allain says:

    I thought I’d found a picture of Ezra Babcock on ancestry, but it turns out Elias had a son named Ezrah and the photo was of him.


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