Hiram’s Honor – Recommended Reading

I have a web page where I’m collecting my research about Andersonville Prison. My great-great grandfather spent six months there during the Civil War.

It’s well worth putting your findings online as it often attracts comments from others that open new doors for you. In this case, an author named Max Terman put a comment on my page. He mentioned his book, Hiram’s Honor: Reliving Private Terman’s Civil War. I bought the book for my Kindle immediately and found it a great read.

The fictional book follows his ancestor through various Civil War battles and prisons. It fascinated me to see how he presented Hiram’s experience at Andersonville and his parole. Those are areas I’ve been reading quite a bit about. Here’s my booklist on Andersonville in case you want to read some of them.

An area that’s been difficult finding information on is what happens to the prisoners when released from Andersonville. I’m fairly sure my ancestor was taken by the steamship, New York, up to Camp Parole in Maryland. Interestingly, that’s the same thing that happened with Hiram.  I’m going to contact the author to find what sources he found. They may help me with my questions. You can read more about Abraham Tower leaving Andersonville on my page.



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